Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Rowlf's 'Animal Hospital'

Friday nights round Rowlf's mean only one thing.

Hot loving.

His keyboard playing expertise always comes in handy with his bitches. He concentrates on his crotchets, avidly buffs his organ and, invariably, bangs away for hours in 'A'.


Rumble in the Jungle with Bungle (and Karen)

Dishy Bungle's romantic nights are saucily predictable. Karen's heard the gossip - but she doesn't mind!

First he gently pours the wine, then he plays his favourite Barry White records and finally - always - sweet, sweet loving.


Gorgeous George

On screen, George is the bumptious, lovable, slightly-camp hippo we all know and love.

Off screen he's a drunken brute who just doesn't give a fuck.


Jiggy Piggy

Miss Piggy may be a 'Miss' but there's something 'amiss' here!

While Kermit was holidaying in the Lake District with good friend Keith Baron, Piggy was supposedly filming idents for her Christmas special.

However, she was caught leaving Stringfellows with exhibition organiser Stuart Bourne and, as you can see, the lad's done good. Why, he's hanging out the back of her.


Basil and Barbara

It's that age-old question, isn't it?
Vaginal? Or anal?

Basil doesn't hesitate when questioned...
"Ah ha ha HA, HA! HA! HA! HA! Bum! Bum!"

Thankfully, Basil is overly generous with the lubrication and always enters Barbara gently.



I rather think not!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz may have served out spoonfuls of 'the noive' - but he was clearly quite liberal with his lashings of 'spunk'

Dear Dairy...

Ermintrude and Malcolm know that how heffer much they try and hold back, there'll always end up in some field or an udder...

Hartley's hard.

(With warm thanks to 'Winch Bride')

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